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equestofu a posted May 21, 13
We will build ourselves a nation. A nation that will house the mightiest, most capable military ever seen by man. Warriors in their prime, respected and feared on the field of battle. It is you, soldiers, who are her first citizens. You are our nation's riches and its fighting spirit. I only pray such precious resources will not be sacrificed in vain. We are soldiers without borders, and we shall know no fear.

Join the Facebook Group at :https://www.facebook.com/groups/450086528411964/?fref=ts

Be friendly to your comrades. Believe in them, trust them, protect them. Platoon up and move out!

Raidcall Communications

equestofu a posted May 21, 13
Alright guys, our communications are up. Instead of Skype-Calling each other, we can also use our own Raidcall Server. You can download raidcall at :http://www2.raidcall.com/v7/index.html

We are Grp ID:6311050
Grp Name: WoT Outer Heaven OPS

There are channels for you to use for normal platooning, basic chatting and other things.
Feel free to use the services available to you guys.

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sry havent really found the time to find out how every from KMMHS and MSF are doing XD
its ok guys
Hope u dont mind the intrusion Eques
Hmngh......This seems like a waste of some good tanks....but fine.
Are you complaining about having more hardware? Because I could just send all these tanks back...
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